Custom Orders

Product Name:  Lueders Limestone

Applications: Roughback & Splitface veneer stone, rubble landscaping, patio stone, retaining walls, block, slabs, cut stone

Grades:  Medium density tight grain

Physical & Chemical Properties: Bulk specific gravity: 2.193. Absorption: 6.13%. Density: 136.8 lbs/ft3. Compressive Strength of Dimension Stone (ASTM 1-170) 6560 Lbs/in2 45.3 MPa.

Types:  Ashlar veneer, 3 and 4 unit splitface rough back veneer, sawn bed retaining wall, tumbled, flooring tile

Color Ranges:  Light to buff gray with gold and brown rough back

Textures & Finishes:  Roughback, splitface, rough chopped, boulders

Sizes:  Various sizes, custom cuts

Completed Projects:  Residential and commercial building and landscaping use

Contact our staff at 254.793.2329. Consider the following customer order items:  Required thickness, Sizes, Surface, Quantity